PRESCOM and StreamWIDE jointly demonstrate the interoperability of LTE MCPTT broadband networks with narrowband PMR networks such as TETRAPOL, P25 and TETRA.

PRESCOM, the leading provider of interconnection gateways for heterogeneous networks and high availability communication systems for control and command centers, and StreamWIDE, a provider of MCPTT application servers, have joined their efforts and experience to showcase the interoperability of narrowband PMR networks of TETRAPOL, TETRA and P25 technologies with LTE MCPTT broadband services.

To achieve this, they have developed the first version of interconnection between their industrial systems formulating a case study based on an operational scenario of a terrorist attack in a large railway station:

  • Security forces, who are equipped with narrowband terminals TETRAPOL, are called onsite where they communicate with their authorities equipped with LTE MCPTT smartphones.
  • The plan of action requires meticulous organization and execution by a specialized intervention group, who install a tactical bubble narrowband P25 upon arrival. Their authorities, equipped with LTE MCPTT communication terminals, can listen to the communication group through the tactical bubble P25 and immediately intervene if necessary.
  • Due to the significant size of the railway station, the station security teams also need to connect with appropriate personnel to be updated on the action. They have TETRA narrowband terminals, and with interconnection capabilities are able to communicate with authorities who are using LTE MCPTT smartphones.
  • Since the synchronization of operations with the different forces on-site is essential, the authorities ask the command center to interconnect all the participants in real-time. This allows them to create a single group, LTE MCPTT Terrorist Attack, including all authorities with smartphones and all deployed units with TETRAPOL, P25 and TETRA terminals, which makes it possible to instantly inform all the players simultaneously.

This case study, based on STREAMWIDE ‘s MCPTT Team on Mission solution and PRESCOM’ s PMR LTE gateways, has demonstrated the technical and operational interoperability of narrowband systems with broadband systems and its importance in critical situations.   Audio between networks of different technologies remains of high quality (no perceptible degradation), where induced latency is low and compatible with operational requirements.

The railway station case is the first test demonstrating concurrent interoperability between narrowband PMR networks TETRAPOL, P25 and TETRA and a MCPTT application server on LTE. Significant R&D work has been carried out by both teams of StreamWIDE and PRESCOM pertaining LTE MCPTT to achieve the satisfactory results of this test. This fundamental development is the first step in the creation of gateways with more valuable functions, as it allows us to smoothly migrate to the LTE MCPTT networks of the future.



PRESCOM is a French company, leader in delivering high resiliency dispatch centers for control rooms and gateways between heterogeneous networks. More than 400 control rooms are currently equipped with PRESCOM solutions all over the world covering multiple businesses such as public safety, fire brigades, emergency health Services, maritime safety, airports, public transport and defense.

PRESCOM, leader in Unified Critical Communications, is providing its customers with high availability solutions that are efficient and adapted to their needs, including situations under crisis circumstances.


About StreamWIDE

StreamWIDE is a leading communications systems provider for Telecom operators, Governments, and Enterprises with worldwide reach. With 15+ years of experience in developing new generation solutions; StreamWIDE has a rich product portfolio including Secure Mobile Communication and Digitalization solutions. The Paris-based firm has 8 local offices, deployments in over 70 countries across 5 continents, and over 130 customers with more than 100 million end users. StreamWIDE also produces the Team on Mission and Team on the Run platforms for business and public safety process communications and team management. StreamWIDE is listed on the Alternext (Euronext) stock exchange: ALSTW.



PRESCOM wird immer stärker (Pressemitteilung)

In order to speed up its development and to provide optimal customer support, PRESCOM reorganizes the ownership of its shareholdings and strengthens its managerial team. This is done by taking into account the context of the transition towards high speed broadband and new customer needs.

Erik LE ROY joined by Paul CORBEL acquires a stake in PRESCOM alongside with Jacques d’HARCOURT.

Erik LE ROY takes over the Presidency of PRESCOM. He is an “Arts et Metiers ParisTech” Engineer. Erik LE ROY held several managerial and technical positions at SFR*. He also participated in the creation of TELE2** in France and southern Europe.

Paul CORBEL brings its business and technical skills and takes over PRESCOM’s Business Development. Paul CORBEL is a graduate of “Telecom ParisTech” and “Ecole Polytechnique” (Paris). He worked as Executive Director for Network and IT at SFR before he became Executive Managing Director of the Enterprise Business Unit of SFR

Former President Jacques d’HARCOURT will continue to provide his experience via the Strategy Committee.

PRESCOM’s development goals rely on product quality, teams’ professionalism and responsiveness and technological innovation all of which have been part of PRESCOM’s identity for years.

In 2016 the growing company has made significant additions to its staff of technicians and engineers. PRESCOM has now new competencies in order to meet the challenges of future technological changes and to further its development in France and abroad.

PRESCOM is a specialist of critical communication management and interconnection of heterogeneous networks. It designs and delivers high availability communication systems for control and command rooms.

PRESCOM is a major player serving civil and public security as well as maritime safety markets. PRESCOM’s solutions are also deployed in airports, transports companies and infrastructure operators.

PRESCOM operates in France and abroad.

*SFR: 2nd largest French telecommunications Service Provider that provides fixed and mobile telecommunication services s to consumers and businesses
**TELE2: European telecommunications operator


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